"Educating together, in community, through connections, and cultivating our faith in Christ."


We are a faith-based, enrichment co-op whose biggest goal is to rally around homeschool families with support and community. 

Because we are a co-op, it's important for everyone to pull together for the group to succeed.  Students cooperate by being respectful to their teachers and classmates.  Teachers cooperate by being faithful in attendance, preparing lessons, and collaborating with their fellow teachers.  Everything we do is a team effort!

To learn about the application process, click here. 

Class Sizes

Our limit per class is 15 students.  Because we do have a cap, this may mean that not all of the families who apply to GHE will be able to participate due to space constraints.  Each year we do the best we can to accommodate as many families as possible. 

Parent Involvement 

Because we are a parent-led co-op, GHE parents are required to work in the nursery or teach in one of our classes while their children are in class.  Applicants can request which grade level they would like to work with, and each class is assigned 2-3 teachers to share the load.  We do the best we can to honor requests as much as possible, but can’t guarantee that every teacher will receive the assignment they’ve requested.

Parents are also asked to serve on various committees including recreation, parties, year-end review, etc. 

Age Range 

We offer classes for K through 8. We do have a nursery for younger siblings, but an incoming family must have one student who is K age or older. We also offer high school classes as needed.

Meeting Times

We meet 6 times per semester on Thursday mornings from 9 am until noon.  Our meetings run during the traditional school calendar, September through April.

In addition to our class times, we offer recreations like skating, bowling, and park days to name a few things that we typically do.  We also have a field trip that gets planned each semester that correlates with our theme of study.


Family dues are $100 per year.  This can be paid in two $50 installments.  One at the time of application, and the other at the start of the year.  This cost covers the rental of the facility, supplies and other items needed to run the group. 

Learning Environment 

GHE is an enrichment co-op.  This means we do not focus on core subjects, rather we study topics that each semester that are voted on by the members.  We study one topic each semester.    

We’ve studied topics like 7 Wonders of the World, American inventors, geology, frontier life, and games around the world.